Nutritious & Delicious

Our healthy eating/wellbeing offer, ‘Nutritious & Delicious’ is central to our menu ethos at Vacherin. These recipes are designed for staff cafes and restaurants, hospitality and conferencing. Nutritious & Delicious was born with the busy employee in mind and the importance that nutrition plays in the workplace. Eating healthily is vital to keep the brain and body sharp and at its most productive. The Nutritious & Delicious healthy eating brand has been developed by a team of Vacherin food professionals, headed up by our nutritionist Gary Baverstock.

Gary provides analysis and guidance on all our menus. He does this with nutritional breakdowns, focusing on beneficial qualities of dishes and individual ingredients, as well as highlighting dishes that contain common allergens or items that can cause intolerance.


All of the N&D recipes are analysed by sophisticated diet software that provide an analysis table like this seen below. Note the new use of Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI) that supersedes Guideline Daily Amounts.